About H-Town Legal

H-Town Legal (Htownlegal.com) is a locally operated Houston attorney directory featuring listings of lawyers and law firms that we know of, have come in contact with, are our clients, have paid for listings, or have gained our attention by other means.

Most of the attorneys listed are our friends and clients and may have paid for their listing in one way or another. By using this website in any way, you agree that you understand this.

Why H-Town Legal?

Other than the name being catchy, H-Town Legal is a way for VizTV Media Services to add value to its existing clients in the legal space, and to list experienced attorneys for people who may need legal representation and the services of a licensed attorney or other legal professionals for a situation they may be experiencing in their lives.

About The Website

The website offers a way for those listed to edit existing listings, claim existing listings, list free or paid entries, and to add videos and photos. If a lawyer wants to tell their story, share the philosophy of their practice, or promote their services on a high-quality human-edited directory, HTownLegal.com is one of the places to do it.

This website is highly optimized, offsite marketed, and is a top priority project of VizTV Media Services. We are always working to advance this project.