Man in Northwest Houston Pistol Whipped, Dog Shot

Crime is erupting in north west Houston with a homeowner being pistol whipped, and his dog shot by the assailant. To read more details on this case, click here.

According to reports, the suspects in this case still on the loose and Houston area police are currently looking for them. The suspects stole several items before leaving the scene. The dog, alive, has been taken to an emergency hospital.

Bryan, Texas Man Sentenced to 40 Years for Selling Crack

A local Bryan, Texas drug has done the unthinkable, allowed the State of Texas to decide is sentence and ends up in jail. Represented by Cameron Reynolds, its hard to believe he had the best criminal defense attorney in Texas considering the testimony of a convicted felon was used to aide in the conviction of Lee Rashad McKinney.

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Man Charged with Impersonating A Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy

Sad but true.

A young man named Omari Moye, 26, was accused of the theft of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy badge and attempted to use the badge to influence a young Houston woman.

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He’ll need one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Houston to help him beat this case.

Courts in Texas don’t take to kindly to people pretending to be police officers, if this is true.

The criminal offense of impersonating police officer is clearly defined in the Texas criminal code.

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