DWI: 1st Offense

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI offense in the Houston area, or anywhere else in the state of Texas for that matter, you’re likely facing a misdemeanor charge, and may even be able to avoid jail time as punishment if you are found guilty of the crime in the court of law.

However, it should be noted that in some cases, a first offense DWI charge can result in more serious criminal penalties for the accused, and more serious criminal charges as far as criminal classification is concerned.

One example of a first offense DWI being classified as a felony is intoxication manslaughter & injury cases. Another example may include an extremely high Blood Alcohol Content legal.

In most cases when a person is charged with DWI for the first time it’s not because there was a car accident or anyone died, because the officer suspected them of being drunk while driving resulting in a traffic stop. Other cases involve routine traffic stops resulting in officer seeing signs that a driver may be intoxicated, resulting in a DWI arrest.

Penalties If Convicted Of A First DWI In Texas

Fine: up to $2000

Sentencing Guidelines: 72 hours to 180 days County jail time.

Other Penalties: Texas Drivers License suspension and or a requirement of a breathalyzer device to be installed in the vehicle.

Additional Information

According to Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A. Nelson most folks convicted of DWI for the first time don’t serve jail time. Generally speaking, these jail sentences are suspended while the defendant is placed on probation for a period that may last up to two years.

The judge presiding over your case may impose additional penalties barn you from any further violations of the law, requiring you to report to the probation officer assigned to your community supervision, the avoidance of intoxication, attendance an alcohol education classes, and more.

Again, this depends on the judge and the court handling your case.

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