DWI: 2nd Offense

Although more serious than first offense DWI charges, second offense DWI charges are also handled as misdemeanor criminal offenses – meaning that the defendant doesn’t have to worry about facing prison (TDCJ) time.

However, felony charges may apply if the defendant is proven to have had an extremely high blood alcohol content level, or if someone was killed or injured as a result of intoxicated driving on part of the defendant.

The state of Texas takes a harsh stance on drunk driving, and this is especially true in the Houston/Harris County area as it is notorious for the frequency of DWI offenses throughout the region.

Penalties If Convicted Of A Second DWI In Texas

Fine: up to $4000

Sentencing Guidelines: 30 Days to 1 Year County jail time.

Other Penalties: Texas Drivers License suspension and or a requirement of a breathalyzer device to be installed in the vehicle. All additional penalties associated with first defense DWI cases apply to second DWI convictions.

Additional Information

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the judge, and the skill of your legal representation, you may be able to avoid jail time entirely on a second DWI.

If granted probation, it may be for two full years.

Seeking A Qualified Houston DWI Defense Attorney?

At H-Town Legal, we work with a number of attorneys as a referrer of persons seeking legal representation for criminal cases involving driving while intoxicated. We recommend Houston DWI Defense Lawyer Tad A. Nelson for all criminal cases where the defendant may face prosecution for DWI.

However, if you would like for us to refer you to a different attorney, be sure to let us know and will pass you on to another highly experienced criminal defense lawyer.