DWI: 3rd Offense

If a person is arrested for driving while intoxicated a third time in Texas, there’s a strong possibility the defendant will be charged as a felon. Unlike first and second DWI cases, three time DWI offenders will face prosecution for a felony offense.

However, depending on details involved with the case like the length of time between previous offenses, whether or not the defendant successfully adhered to the demands of the court during probation on previous charges, and the details of the current case being prosecuted in particular, the criminal charges may be downgraded to a Class A Misdemeanor which will keep the defendant out of a Texas Department Of Criminal Justice correctional facility.

Penalties If Convicted Of DWI A Third Time In Texas

Fine: up to $10000

Sentencing Guidelines: 2 to 10 Years TDC.

Other Penalties: Texas Drivers License suspension for a period of two years after release from prison.

Additional Information

According to the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, if a person is granted probation for felony DWI, community service hours may reach or exceed 600 hours, some jail time may be required, and the court may force the defendant into drunk driving and alcohol related educational program aimed at limiting potential recidivism.

Finding The Right Felony DWI Lawyer In Houston

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