Drug Manufacture & Delivery Cases

In Houston and throughout Texas, thousands of people are arrested every month for drug related offenses. Some of these individuals were accused of simple possession while others were engaged in an enterprise. If you’re accused of selling drugs or participating in any scheme involving a controlled substance, chances are you’ll be charged with “Manufacture & Delivery of a Controlled Substance.”

Manufacture & Delivery of a Controlled Substance Defined

In Texas, if a person gives a controlled substance to another person, they have committed the crime of drug manufacture & delivery. The delivery of the drug can be direct or indirect and there’s no legal requirement or definition of the crime which include financial motives.

In other words, simply giving a person a controlled substance or providing a person with access to a controlled substance is a crime, regardless of the involvement or money.

Resource: Texas Controlled Substances Act

Understanding Criminal Penalties

Manufacture & Deliver of a Controlled Substance

In general, the criminal classification for manufacture & delivery cases are enhanced possession cases.

For example, a person charged with possession of a drug will face criminal charges related to the type & quantity of the drug but a person charged with selling or delivering the same amount and type will see their case enhanced to the next level of punitive severity.

In other words, a person busted with 7 grams of cocaine will be charged under 2nd Degree Felony guidelines, but a person charged with selling, manufacturing (packaging or creating) or delivering 7 grams of cocaine will charged under 1st Degree Felony guidelines. That’s big difference.

Fighting Texas Drug Delivery Charges

If you or a loved one were arrested or accused of manufacture & delivery of a controlled substance in Houston or elsewhere in Texas, contact a licensed Texas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.