Possession of Meth

In the State of Texas, any criminal charge involving meth will carry felony charges. People convicted of criminal charges involving meth can face years, even decades in prison. This is especially true for defendants with insufficient legal representation and/or a related criminal history. If you, a relative, or other loved one are facing criminal charges for possession of meth in Houston, TX, contact a licensed criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Meth & Texas Law

The State of Texas classifies meth as a dangerous drug due to its highly addictive nature, negative impact on health, and its relation to other crimes such as assault, robbery, and theft.

Depending on the amount of meth involved with the criminal charge(s), a defendant could face anywhere from 6 months State Jail to life imprisonment TDCJ if convicted of the drug offense in the court of law.

Drug offenses related to meth are based on possession of the drug, but can also include drug trafficking, manufacture, selling/dealing/distribution, and attempting to smuggle the drug into the United States.

Again, possession of any amount of meth, even trace amounts, can result in a felony drug arrest. To illustrate the gravity of meth related criminal charges and the importance of securing the best legal representation possible, we’ve added a table below showing how criminal penalties for possession of meth are based on the quantity of the drug.

Criminal Penalties If Convicted for Meth Possession

Quantity Criminal Classification Penalty if Convicted
Less Than 1 Gram State Jail Felony 180D-2YR State Jail – Up to 10K Fine
1 to 3.99 Grams 3rd Degree Felony 2-10YR TDCJ – 10,000.00 Fine
4 to 199 Grams 2nd Degree Felony 2-20YR TDCJ – 10,000.00 Fine
200 to 399 Grams 1st Degree Felony 5-99YR TDCJ – 10,000.00 Fine
Over 400 Grams Enh. 1st Deg. Felony 10-99YR TDCJ – Up 100K Fine

Special Note: Defendants with previous arrests related to meth and/or other controlled substances may have their charges enhanced to the next most severe criminal classification if they’re determined to be a habitual drug offender in the court of law.

Serious Charges Call For a Smart Lawyer

Meth Related Drug Charges Can Be Overcome

We understand the complications forced on persons accused of meth possession. When dealing with such charges, whether guilty or not, the defendant will face the possibility of losing immediate access to their family due to a lengthy jail sentence, their career due to a criminal record, and the pain and anguish of incarceration. In many cases, not only the defendant suffers from criminal charges, but their families do as well.

Beating Meth Charges in Harris County, TX

Numerous circumstances can result in a meth possession case being dismissed without the need for a full blown criminal trial. Below, we’ve listed a few of the best ways to get a meth charge dismissed in Houston, TX.

Lack of Evidence

Believe it or not, police may not have the evidence. Pleading guilty, or making a deal with the Harris County Dist. Atty’s, takes the onus off the state to provide evidence. With an experienced criminal defense law firm on your side, you’ll at least have a chance to find out if the state even has the evidence. Certain precincts in Harris County have a history of losing evidence or destroying it too early, which has paid great dividends to defendants in certain cases.

Violation of Constitutional Rights

If your Constitutional rights were violated, and we can prove it, the court will have to throw out your case. One example of a Constitutional violation is unlawful search and seizure. The 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States provides protection against the seizure or searching of the property of a private citizen without the expressed consent of a judge via a warrant. If we can prove that law enforcement officers obtained evidence against you by using unlawful means, that evidence will not be allow in court. If the evidence is withheld from court, it could destroy the state’s case and render you free and clear.