DWI – Intoxication Assault

In Texas, criminal instances of drinking and driving are taken very seriously which reigns more true when a person is injured as a result of the consequences of drunk driving. DWI injury cases, or “intoxication assault” are felony offenses that are often charged against normal, noncriminal citizens.

When we say “noncriminal”, what we mean is that normal people that never been arrested for criminal offense in their life, who happened to have had a little too much to drink, will get the same treatment as dangerous murderers and drug dealers when they’re put into the system as a person who hurt someone because they were driving drunk.

Definition of Intoxication Assault

Intoxication assault occurs when serious bodily injury is caused during an automobile accident the occurred as a result of Driving While Intoxicated on part of the suspect. An automobile or vehicle can be defined as an aircraft, boat, ride at an amusement park, or simply driving on public streets in your own personal vehicle, while you’re drunk.

Serious bodily injury is a term used to describe injuries that are beyond minor scratches and scrapes. Serious bodily injury can be considered loss of limb, severe damage to bodily organs, an injury that threatens your ability to live a normal life, or an injury which causes some form of impairment.

Penalties For Intoxication Assault In Texas

Intoxication assault is a third-degree felony in the state of Texas and will motivate a fierce prosecution from any Dist. Atty. whose desk the case runs across.

If you’re convicted of a 3rd Degree Felony in the state of Texas, you’ll be assessed a fine which can reach up to $10,000 in totality, a prison sentence in which you will be incarcerated for a period ranging from 2 to 10 years, in addition to probation which may include up to 600 hours of community service or more.

Find a Qualified Intoxication Assault Defense Lawyer

If you’re facing prosecution for third-degree felony in the state of Texas, in which DWI is the major implication, your life is on the line. If multiple people were injured as a result of the accident, and you are found guilty intoxication assault, criminal sentences will be added together/stacked. When criminal sentences are stacked it means that if three people were injured you could face up to 30 years in prison, if four or five people were injured you could face 40 or 50 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice operated prison facility.

Don’t waste any time in consulting a qualified criminal lawyer to fight for your rights. Having a criminal defense attorney on your side can mean the difference between facing a maximum sentence and the minimum sentence.

DWI – Intoxication Assault