Capital Murder

Understanding Capital Murder Charges

Listed below are the most common reasons that prosecutors seek capital murder charges in the state of Texas which reigns true in Houston, Harris County, and vicinities surrounding greater Houston.

  • A person commits capital murder if they knowingly or intentionally murder a person they know to be a public servant (policeman & firemen) who is performing their lawful duty.
  • A defendant who murders someone during the course of committing another felony will face Capital Murder charges.
  • Murder for hire plots are also common reasons why capital murder charges are sought by Harris County, Texas district attorneys.
  • Murders more than one person during the course of a criminal act and/or a related criminal act.
  • If a person murders an individual under the age of six years old they may also face capital murder charges.

There are number of other circumstances that can result in the pursuit of 1st Degree/Capital Murder charges by the prosecution. Generally, as a rule of thumb, if a public servant or a person incapable of defending themselves is murdered, capital murder charges will likely be pursued by prosecuting attorneys.

Criminal Penalty if Convicted: Death, Life In Prison Without Possibility of Parole