Can Texas Felons Have Criminal Records Sealed, Gun & Voting Rights Restored?

Below is an except of a recent entry we noticed on Houston criminal defense lawyer Carvana Cloud’s Blog that is related to criminal record sealing for persons who have serve their time of their crimes, have demonstrated an ability to be a productive member of society, and hope to move… Read more »

Dealing with HPD During DWI Stops

According to most lawyers, when people are pulled over by the Houston Police Department, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, or other Houston, Texas area law enforcement agency, they are grossly unaware of their civil rights leaving themselves susceptible to police abuse, or even worse, making them their own worse enemy… Read more »

Bryan, Texas Man Sentenced to 40 Years for Selling Crack

A local Bryan, Texas drug has done the unthinkable, allowed the State of Texas to decide is sentence and ends up in jail. Represented by Cameron Reynolds, its hard to believe he had the best criminal defense attorney in Texas considering the testimony of a convicted felon was used to… Read more »